Arthur Jones, a painter born and raised in Dorset who chronicled the seasons here in Vermont for more than 70 years passed away April 7, 2020 at the age of 92, after a period of declining health. What Jones leaves behind, beyond the echoes of his bone-dry wit, is a deep collection of his favorite oil paintings and sketches, as well as the works of other artists who meant something to him.

Perhaps best known for his mini and large scale landscapes, Jones employed a style that jumps between primitive and classical, which developed and changed over the years. A Vermonter dating back generations, he loved the area and wanted to put it all down on canvas before it disappeared.

There is a heart in his work, a real connection of artist to the work and the land. Jones, a Vermonter through and through, was the epitome of country charm and resourcefulness. Jones was a master with technique with ever slight hints of a wide-eyed farmer’s son appreciating nature’s gifts of his beloved home state. This is most likely what makes his pieces so relatable and approachable.

His work has been widely collected by three generations of patrons, local enthusiasts and Rockefellers alike.